Spending time in the garden means soft soil beneath our feet and the vibrant smells of blooming flowers as wind chimes sing in the breeze. As a brand that makes and maintains beautiful yards and gardens, your landscaping logo has to speak to humanity’s love of the outdoors and pride in the little slices of nature we call our own.

There are a lot of unique ways to display your green thumb. When you’ve got a bunch of logo ideas and you’re not sure which to nurture and which to prune, take a look at some awesome gardening and landscaping logo designs from our designers to sprout your imagination.

What makes a great garden or landscaping logo?

A great garden or landscaping logo is one that shows the world you’ve got a green thumb. Whether you’re a garden supply store, a commercial landscaper, a custom pond and patio builder or an independent gardener, your logo should make it clear that you’re the go-to brand for beautiful outdoor spaces.

water droplet, half in blue and half in green, with the text “Aqualawn”
Logo design by designer Logofolder.com
image of a clover made up of three different stones and the text “Irish Stone”
Logo design by designer DSRD

Traditional ways to do that are by incorporating leaves, gardening tools and/or plants. But that’s what most gardening and landscaping companies do… So how you can set yourself apart from orchards of leafy green logos and letterpress watering cans?

1. Get clever with your imagery

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Experiment with the typical garden and landscaping palette of greens and gloves by using them in ways you haven’t seen before. In a space that’s dominated by rustic imagery and serene greens, maybe your brand can stand out with bold oranges and reds reminiscent of tiger lilies and azaleas. Or you can also look to your brand’s specific strengths to figure out how to use brand imagery in new ways. For example, if your microbe blend grows plants larger, you might communicate that with nesting doll-style tomatoes on your logo.

2. Be true to yourself

The other component of designing a great gardening or landscaping logo is being true to your brand. It must be something that attracts attention, but that attention won’t become a sale unless you’re connecting with the right demographic. A modern, innovative brand needs a different logo than an established, traditional brand. A landscape designer who builds custom koi pond aquaponic systems might communicate their brand with a minimalist take on a koi fish wrapped around submerged roots. But a custom shed installer might emphasize their unique spaces with a whimsical fairy door logo.

Amazing ideas for landscaping and gardening logos

Garden logos that go green

You knew this was gonna be one of the categories before you even clicked this post’s title, didn’t you? Green is an obvious color choice for gardening and landscaping logos because, well, your job is either working with green plants or nurturing plants back to a healthy green.

In the gardening and landscaping world, green is good. You can’t go wrong with green. If you’ve got a logo that doesn’t explicitly shout “landscaping,” like a wordmark or an abstract logo, making it green is a way to instantly “garden-ify” it.

Green can do more than just show which field you’re in. It can also show the world what you can do. If you’re a gardener or landscaper who specializes in revitalizing dying lawns and gardens, use a gradient that goes from a mossy olive green to a vibrant emerald hue to communicate that your company makes plants and gardens beautiful and healthy.

intricate green and gray shapes surrounding the letter G with the text “Greer Design Group Landscaping”
Logo design by designer wielliam
the words “ProScape Landscaping and Lawn Care” in two shades of green
Logo design by designer simolio
two leaves, one orange with a bug on it and one green, with the text “QSpray Pest Weed Lawn”
Logo design by designer Anna’s Atelier
geometric logo of a circle around a plant growing in dirt depicted via line art and the text “Garden Tarp”
Logo design by designer -Alya-
silhouette of a ninja with a face and the shaft of a shovel in negative space and green leaves peeking behind his head with the text “Garden Ninja”
Logo design by designer Rom@n

Landscaping logos that show what you grow

Another obvious choice for a gardening or landscaping logo is a logo that works in plant imagery. If your brand focuses on a specific type of plant, like vegetable gardens or lawns, put this type of plant front and center in your logo. Don’t feel like you have to get specific with the kind of plant you feature in your logo, though—sometimes a regular-looking leaf, flower or tree is the best choice, like when you’re not focused on a specific species or category of plants.

Your plant-based logo doesn’t necessarily have to be green. Maybe the right plant to represent your brand is a fiery tiger lily or a snowy white dogwood. If green really isn’t the right color for your brand, going with a non-green plant logo can be an effective way to graft your brand identity with your niche.

round, rustic-looking stamp image of flowers and leaves in a jug with the text “Thyme and Place”
Logo design by designer Yokaona
three line-drawn flowers side by side with the text “Plant Genius”
Logo design by designer 7plus7
stylized letter A in the negative space between a tomato, a carrot and a cucumber with the text “Amazing Garden”
Logo design by designer ludibes
geometric logo of a plant growing within a small greenhouse with the text “Pistil & Wicket”
Logo design by designer cioby
hanging basket filled with succulents and the text “Jaws Dry Garden”
Logo design by designer Ocean.de
crown-shaped geometric logo with simple, geometric trees within its outline and the text “King’s Cut Lawns and Landscaping”
Logo design by designer Transformed Design Inc.
circular logo comprised of geometric shapes that fit together to create an image of a flower with the text “Khadem Nursery”
Logo design by designer trinitiff

Logos that are a breath of fresh air

Transforming an outdoor space from an overgrown patch of weedy grass into a manicured, comfortable living space is an art. If that’s your craft, tell the world with a logo that literally shows what you do for clients. Show them how you can transform their yards into relaxing, fun outdoor living spaces with your logo.

Another approach to this kind of logo is showing how much prospective clients can enjoy themselves once they’re outside and where your company fits into their outdoor leisure time. Logos that communicate the simple pleasure of being outside work great for outdoor furniture brands, garden lighting and decor brands and gardening tool companies.

the initials V and B made of stone next to a shovel and two leaves with the text “Van Beek’s Landscaping Supply”
Logo design by designer Nandatama
illustration of a fire pit made of pavers with the text “Lawn Care & Outdoor Living Signature”
Logo design by designer afterpencil
retro drawing of a little girl in a floppy hat gardening with the text “Rosie’s Garden”
Logo design by designer GoodEnergy
three potted plants beside each other with the text “Patio Mode”
Logo design by designer ananana14
diamond-shaped logo showing a palm tree and water with the text “Venice Landscapes”
Logo design by designer ‘Pula
round logo showing illustrated tree and mountains circled by plants with the text “Heaven on Earth”
Logo design by designer trinitiff
line drawing of a woman tending to succulents with the text “balcony to table”
Logo design by designer Ana Logo

Gardening logos that celebrate nature

Beyond the foliage, every garden and backyard is teeming with life. With a logo that recognizes all the lives that overlap in the garden, your brand communicates that it’s in tune with nature and takes care to avoid disrupting the local ecosystem. Logos that feature animals and the relationships between animals, plants and people are a great choice for companies that use eco-friendly products and prioritize conservation.

And logos like these are also a great choice for brands that want to communicate that they’re fun and friendly with cuddly cartoon animals… or if you’re so inclined, other garden inhabitants. Like gnomes.

green outline of a bird with a leaf for one of its wings
Logo design by designer KVA
round logo of a hand stretching out over a tree
Logo design by designer Yo!Design
round, black logo showing a raven sitting on a spade with the text “Maggie Spade”
Logo design by designer Savanamm
minimalist geometric logo of an ant standing on a section of ground, surrounded by grass
Logo design by designer TaraArt™
silhouette of a fairy with a leaf for one of its wings and the text “The Plant Fairies”
Logo design by designer Linda Lopez
round blue logo of a human hand outstretched, holding a bird with the text “Gratitude Landscape Company”
Logo design by designer Calikusu
garden gnome wearing sunglasses and holding a shovel and a rake behind his back with the text “The Outsiders”
Logo design by designer MangoCrew
minimalist wordmark logo that says “TIIGU” with a lizard crawling above the G
Logo design by designer Terry Bogard

The fundamentals of logo design

If you’ve never designed a logo before, the thought of creating the perfect logo for your business can be intimidating. We’ll make it less daunting for you with a crash course in logo design.

Logo design is the specific type of graphic design that combines branding and marketing, color theory, aesthetics, composition, typography and artistic skill to create logos. In our free online guide, How to design a logo, we dig deeper into all the components of a great logo but for now, we’ll summarize the most important points.

Root your design in your brand identity. In other words, your brand identity determines what kind of logo is best for you. There isn’t one specific “best” kind of logo; there are only logos that match your brand identity and logos that don’t.

hexagon-shaped logo with an image of a bee and the text “Honey Plant”
Logo design by designer TikaDesign

Think of Coca Cola’s swoopy, high-contrast red and white logo or Fanta’s bold, leaf-topped logo. They’re both sodas, they’re both from the same company, but they have very different brand identities.

If you’re not 100% sure of your brand identity, you need to figure that out before you’re ready for a logo. We can help. Take a look at our brand identity guide and ask yourself who your brand would be if it was a person. Are you playful or serious? Sophisticated or a little rough around the edges? Knowing exactly who you are matters because this is what drives your design choices like your logo’s fonts, colors and shapes.

Shapes, colors and fonts. Every color and every shape evokes certain emotions in viewers. For example, red can feel powerful, driven, passionate and even angry while black tends to feel luxurious and sophisticated. Circles feel friendlier than squares, while squares feel contained and secure. This extends to fonts: try typing out the same sentence twice; once in comic sans and then again in courier. See how the tone changes? Every design decision you make shapes your brand, so don’t misrepresent your brand by missing key design choices in your logo.

How to get a garden or landscaping logo

As we explained in a previous guide, How to create a logo: Comparing the best ways to get a logo designed, there’s four main avenues you can take to get a logo. They are:

  • Logo makers (DIY). Using a logo maker or other entry-level design software, you can design your own logo from scratch
  • Design agencies. Opposite logo makers on the design spectrum, a design agency handles every aspect of logo creation from ideation to the finishing touches
  • Freelance designers. To get a professionally designed logo without the cost of an agency, work directly with a freelance designer
  • Design contests. With a design contest, you explain your visual preferences and business goals for your logo in a briefing. Then, multiple designers from around the world submit samples based on your briefing, giving you the opportunity to choose, refine and pay for only the one you like best.

We only advise DIY and logo makers in dire situations, like having next to nothing in your budget. Your logo is one of your brand’s most important assets and even the simplest logos come to fruition through a complex design process. Generally, a DIY logo isn’t as effective as a professionally designed one.

If you know you’ll be working with a professional, how you get your logo depends on your budget and your personal preferences. Take a look at our Logo design cost guide to get a sense of what the different logo design options will cost you.

Logo design contests are popular because they have one huge advantage over the other options: they give you lots of options to choose from. If you’re unsure of what style logo is best for your brand, go with a design contest to see a variety of designers’ takes on your briefing.

But if you’ve already got an idea planted and you just need to find the right designer to germinate it, your fastest, least complicated option is to work directly with a logo designer. You can browse designers’ portfolios to see whose style matches your best to find the perfect designer for your logo.

Are you ready to get a landscaping logo that brings your brand to life?

Branding your gardening or landscaping business with an appropriate, effective logo will make your brand more visible and increase your sales. Don’t just settle for a boring, basic logo. And don’t assume you can transform a basic logo into something that works by just making it green. Work with a designer who has the skills to deliver a logo that’s perfect for your outdoor brand.

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